Let's Beat Bullying Together!

For Anti-Bullying Week

Whether you’re 5 or 55, there is always something you can do to help make bullying unacceptable. You could write to your MP about bullying or show your support for someone you know OR you might even want to run your own fundraising event!

If you do take on the exciting challenge to fundraise for BeatBullying, be sure to know that however big or small your contribution you will enable us to continue to help thousands of young people across the world.

Fundraising for BeatBullying

Bright Ideas

Stuck on ideas how to get involved with anti-bullying week? No problem! We’ve come up with a few ideas here at BeatBullying HQ to get you started and please don't forget to let us know how you get on…

At Home With Friends At School

Fundraising at home

We love wristbands

Oh yes we do! But what we would love even more is for you to wear our wristbands and share our mission with the world. This year, we have five for you to choose from. Why not collect the whole set?!

You can buy as many wristbands as you like and give them to friends, family and colleagues. Encourage people you know to purchase and wear our wristbands too.

Run run run!

Whether you’re a keen runner or just starting out there are hundreds of events that you could take part in to raise money for BeatBullying. So dust down those old trainers and we’ll see you at the start line!

Get creative!

Love to paint, draw or make stuff? How about making themed cards for Halloween, Christmas or Easter and selling them to friends and family OR holding your own painting and drawing exhibition where friends, family and the rest of the community can purchase your art.

For more support and to let us know what you’re doing so we can post photos, stories and events on our websites, Facebook and Twitter, please contact us on 020 8768 1029 or at fundraising@beatbullying.org

Fundraising with friends, family and the community

There are lots of fun and exciting things that you and your friends and family can do to raise money for BeatBullying.

Popcorn Anyone?

Nothing brings people together like a good film. Why not hire out your local community hall and charge people an entrance fee to come together to watch a great film. You could sell popcorn, snacks and drinks to raise funds too.

Band Together With Your Team

Can you and your sports team meet a challenge together? (Of course you can!) How many kick-ups / sit-ups / burpees could you do between the team in one week? There may be a local business willing to sponsor you too.

Love Food and Cooking?

You could hold your very own 'Come Dine With Me' Event!

Raffles Are Great

Raffles are a simple yet really effective way to raise money. You can buy raffle tickets from stationery shops, supermarkets and local newsagents.

For more support and to let us know what you're doing so we can post photos, stories and events on our websites, Facebook and Twitter, please contact us on 020 8768 1029 or at fundraising@beatbullying.org.

Fundraising in your school

Join us in our mission to 'Band Together' for Anti-Bullying Week and your school could raise money for thousands of young people who have suffered from bullying. Many of the young people that we have worked with have got involved in raising money for BeatBullying. Schools have told us that this has enabled their pupils to learn new skills, forge positive relationships in their community and understand the great difference that they can make.

Are you a pupil, parent or a school staff member? If so, you could raise funds for BeatBullying through your school. We know you're probably bursting with tons of great fundraising ideas, but just in case you need a bit of inspiration, BeatBullying HQ have come up with some more…

What you can do to Band Together and make bullying unacceptable:

Battle of the Bands

Get some of your homegrown talented bands to put on a performance at your school. Not in a band? Now's your chance to form one! Charge your parents, family, friends and maybe even your cat to watch you sing and dance your heart out for a great cause.

We Love Our Wristbands

We know we've mentioned this already, but we thought we'd say it again! Remember, there are 5 to collect this year - you can purchase our wristbands: All students and staff can band together in solidarity throughout Anti-Bullying Week by purchasing and wearing our wristbands. It's a simple yet very effective way to raise money for BeatBullying and to support us to make bullying unacceptable.

Dress Down Day

These are always popular! Students can donate a fixed fee to not wear uniform. All students and staff can come dressed in a particular colour - such as blue, which is the colour we like to use at BeatBullying.

Fun Day

You can charge an entrance fee for the fun day and instead of purchasing tickets for the fair, people can purchase our wristbands instead. Things to include on the fun day might be face painting, cake selling and games.

You can find even more ideas for fundraising at how2fundraise.org.

You can also set up a school fundraising page at our JustGiving page and encourage parents to donate to BeatBullying.

For more support and to let us know what you're doing so we can post photos, stories and events on our websites, Facebook and Twitter please contact us on 020 8768 1029 or at fundraising@beatbullying.org